Perspective is all

This is my favourite internet thing of the week. OK, OK – I know it hasn’t been much of a week, what with swimming and family taking priority over the internet and all, but I can also safely say that this will probably be my favourite thing next week.

Very few details are provided on the site, and the story is self contained, so I won’t say much. But here’s the gist: what if you got to listen to music for the first time, after being deaf all your life, only with terrible hearing aids for company? How would you react to the new beauty and wonder you had yet to experience?

“Obviously, I did the only sensible thing and went on a binge of music.”

Fuck yeah you did!

This is beautiful for many reasons – all of the experiences the writer has yet to enjoy, the social element he’d never experienced before, the wholeheartedness with which he has embraced music…

But the best thing for me is that moment when suddenly, music has gone from being a weird quirk of the hearing to being something he finally “got”.All art has beauty, but to see the beauty of art from the perspective of someone who up until recently couldn’t hear what all the fuss was about – from someone who was prevented from getting the whole picture; and to see it finally click? That is amazing.

I will be very curious to hear what he thinks, and will try to keep up with his findings/writings on the matter, and for the record, I think his plan to listen to music through the ages is ambitious and all the more brilliant for it.*

Oh, and I get to listen to the recommendations other people have posted. Yay!!


* And reminds me I should get back to my Dylan project.


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