Keith Murray on Album Trailers? Hells yeah, I’m reading that!

As you may have guessed from my angrily ripping into Muse’s pretentious piece of bullshit about their new album, I don’t like album trailers. I don’t like Muse’s, I didn’t like Bloc Party‘s, and I wouldn’t like The Killers’. They’re ALMOST AS BAD AS THE BOOK TRAILERS I’VE STARTED SEEING. And that’s something.

Relatedly, Keith Murray, of awesome band We Are Scientists, has written an article about what they mean. I may be superimposing my beliefs on his writing, but I get the feeling he agrees with me – maybe without so much bile and frustration though.

“While, in their trailer, The Killers (a band I love dearly, mind you)* appear to suggest that they spent the bulk of their recording sessions staring shamanically into a blazing desert bonfire, I myself passed a good chunk of mine staring narcotically into the middle distance of a room in lower Manhattan while a drum tech loudly tuned a snare drum over and over and over.”

Regardless of his position one way or the other, he does what Keith Murray and WAS do best in my opinion: be funny about it.

“I hope in our promo we’re going to fly some harrier jump-jets through the grand canyon and then French-kiss some tiger cubs while Chris punches a digital crocodile/crab hybrid through a brick wall, saving a gang of machine-gun-toting bikini models. That should just about capture the majesty, the vigor, the lustiness of our latest studio project, I think.”


I don’t care if it makes no sense: it’s fracking awesome!

* This is definitely Keith Murray speaking, not me!


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  1. omg book trailers. They’ve been around for a while, and I just don’t get it. They never look well made, they don’t showcase the writing, they don’t make me want to read the book… they just look tacky. Does anyone really decide to buy a book from them?

    • I don’t think anyone buys books on the basis of book trailers; I just think that the people who make book trailers (and album trailers too) have taken a winning formula for TV and film and tried to hack it into a simulacrum that they hope will work for their own particular medium.

      Long story short, it doesn’t. It just looks forced. Hell, if Muse can’t pull it off in style, then who can?

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