Good music; you will like

Well, since being one of the coolest people on earth is a pretty awesome feat, I really want to be able to donate money to Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra for their new song. Sadly, I am too poor. The best I can do is tell you, my viewership, about the fact that they are giving away (theoretically) FREE MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS.

Can I embed stuff here? No? Then I’ll have to tell you to go to the link below that has an image attached. Go get stuff!

And if you want an idea as to what this sounds like, I can only say that it’s a bit like this.

I feel it’s kind of sad that this is a sampler which is longer than a number of albums that I can name, and yet it’s for free, and the intention is to use it to promote the actual album. I don’t know what makes it sad – that it’s being “given away” like this, that giving it away is a viable move, or that I actually can’t afford to give the money that I want to – but it seems a wee bit unfair still.

Author filibuster over –  I has music, you should download it, and tip her/them if you can. But above all enjoy Amanda Palmer’s music: jesus-fuck, she sure is!


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