Swings of Things

Right, as I’m apparently now writing again, in more ways than one, I suppose I should talk a little about tomorrow/today. Tomorrow/today being the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo.


It is not “NaNoWriMo with more glitter and neckerchiefs”. It’s so much more than that…

Camp NaNo is a satellite event for NaNoWriMo – ie, so we can keep writing all year rather than just for a bit. It has a lot fewer rules, and is a lot more rough and ready – like a cage fight, in many ways.

Me; I’m setting myself a challenge – get the last few bits of the book I wrote last november into shape. I’ve been intermittently editing and tweaking and sometimes even writing it for the last few months, and I’m getting closer and closer. But I need to blitz it.

[Maybe a part of that should be writing on here again too…]

My part being on the way, then, I say to anyone out there who likes to write, join me. It’ll be fun! I hate to be the kind of blogger who solicits comments, but I’m going to make an exception now – tell me if you write. Tell me what you’re writing. Have you written even a single word today?

My wordcount so far – 228.


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  1. I have not written a word of a novel since you saw me freak out over the weekend, but I have been away! That’s my excuse, at least. I’m currently trying to write the second draft of a piratey adventure, but it is not always keen on cooperating…

    Camp NaNoWriMo sounds fun! Any chance of a peek at this fantasy world any time soon?

    • I *love* that novels actually argue backwhile you’re writing them, during either a first or a second draft! I figure it must be proof of a story that’s alive 🙂

      As it is, mine is most definitely not cooperating, but I’ve scraped together some words at least. Maybe when I get act one done you can get a glimpse: I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      How is “piratey goodness: the book” anyway?

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