“What is this place / filled with magic and wonder?”

Happy (late) Birthday, Claire Anne Carr!

Guys, guys, guys! Anyone here like “My Little Pony”?* I want to address this to the attentions of any and all bronies, fans of MLP, and/or fans of classic rock covers. Claire Ann Carr has a fantastic deal on at the moment, and as little as I like proselytizing for people to buy shit, if you like the things I mentioned above you’ll enjoy this.

A few months ago, I bought Claire Ann Carr’s album “MLP RocK II!” for $5 (£3.50 in my native english). Since then, I have long said that it was one of the best deals I’ve ever got. His rearrangements of the music from the show, designed to incorporate classic rock elements, are fantastic. So when I found out that, as a birthday gift to his fans, anyone who buys his new anthology will also get his entire back catalogue – including his new album – I bought it and never looked back.

Seriously, $10 for 6 albums is a great deal anyway, but I’m starting to wonder if “Sheer Pony Attack” is his best one yet.

The deal is here, watch if you don’t believe me – it’s at 1:10.

Still not sold on the matter? Here are some examples of epicness.

Need I mention, as well, that he’s done a full version of the entirety of the musical finale, “Magical Mystery Cure”. It’s awesome.


Or don’t. Poverty does suck.

* The new series, I mean – not the icky old one.


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