Amanda Palmer makes me want to have a twitter account, just so I can see what she’s doing.

After watching this video, I looked at my last post – Claire Anne Carr, who was and is giving away something awesome, on bandcamp, a site which allows you to give what you want to artists who make stuff you like.

I also found a new email from the Humble Indie Bundle: an organization that allows you to pay what you want for dozens of games. You can give them a pittance, but loads of people choose to pay hundreds of pounds.

I can think of any number of fully funded kickstarters, and things that I want to give money to.* SMBC’s new space opera, and Anita Serkeesian’s “Tropes Vs Women In Games”. Ryan North’s “To Be Or Not To Be” got funded in about 24 hours! Most of these ended up so overfunded they had to completely change their business plan: I’m looking at you, Double Fine.

These sites aren’t really ways for me to pay, or save money. These are ways for me to give what little I have. They are also some of my favourite places on the internet. I think Amanda Palmer may have a point…


It’s possible that over the next few years, these things will all die down. Bandcamp, kickstarter, humble bundle, etc may all become less extraordinary. Not even go bankrupt, but get replaced by a more regulated and easily monetised system. Economists of the future, I beg you not to do this. Lets keep the internet as it is for a bit.

*Things that I will give money to, when I’m employed.


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