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Cosplaying: How Should I Feel?

As a person who’s actually tentatively planning a cosplay this year for LFCC – and as a person in the atheist community who’s been honestly fucking apalled by how stupid the whole “sex discrimination regulation” things have been at TAM! and such – then I feel like this has to be said:

“Cosplay is NOT Consent aims to educate the community by using the experiences of cosplayers, and convention staff to help put an end to unwanted harassment of convention attendees. We will work with convention owners to help bring comfort and safety back to fan events all around the world. “

All of this should also go without saying. So thank you for there actually being someone (well, a tumblr) saying so.

Hat tip to Jo, who wrote an article about Lolita culture. Go read it!


My only post about Boston

God, what a horrible mess this is…

Look, I don’t want to talk about the bombings. I have nothing smart, clever or helpful to add to the discourse. It’s just a load of evil shit that I know OH SO VERY LITTLE ABOUT.

That said, I want to point you to my good friend Captain Raven, who has written what I thought was a very eloquent post on the criticisms some people have been making against the coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Specifically, people who may have listened to Scroobius Pip – “Thou shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-english speaking countries as to those that occur in english speaking countries” – and have cried foul.

I’d urge you to read the post, which is short and well-reasoned, but to quote the man himself, here’s his own TL;DR:

“I think what I want to say with my ramblings here is this: If you have a problem with the media reporting about western problems only and you seek a more balanced news platform, learn to internet. I heard good things about although I can’t comment about it personally. Never trust a single source, use your brain and compare different opinions. If you are religious, pray for all the people who suffer in this world. If you want to donate, donate for the cause that needs it the most and not the one that is mentioned on TV.

Don’t be a dick about how in other countries people have been suffering more than in Boston right now. Suffering can’t be counted in numbers. It is always the same amount of bad.”



1 – Yes, 2 – Yes, 3 – No, 4 – Yes… I think, 5 – I can’t drive.

I will be spending my Wednesday hanging out with my, I quote, “spectacularly, indulgently liberal” friends and actually having a society. Living well is the best revenge, although giving her a privatised funeral comes a close second.

“Society is made of people! Our society is made out of people!”

Fuck “Speak No Ill”

Also, this article. Courtesy of Pippa Line.

A Chilling Picture

Is this a joke? Wow, now I’m depressed, concerned and worried – all at once! I have to hope that Polly Toynbee is wrong when she says that:

Historians will see [Monday 1st of April] as the day that defines the Cameron government. An avalanche of benefit cuts will hit the same households over and over, with no official assessment of how far this £18bn reduction will send those who are already poor into beggary.

Shitting fucknuts!

If only I was a benefit fraud, or could find some other way of maintaining my income rather than asking our bloody useless government for money. Or anything. At all.

Ass-Kicking Games – Tomb Edition.

The other day my girlfriend jokingly asked: “Is it bad that I kinda want to play the new Tomb Raider game?” Which of course led to me gushing about how they were some of the first games I ever played, and about how much I love them.

But even with that love, I am, as a feminist, skeptical of the newest installation. Luckily, The Border House has me covered.

“The developers tried to create a world without sexism (perhaps in response to the stigma associated with the series). That comes with problems of its own. But in doing so they also created a game that places agency in a woman’s hands.”

It even used the word “agency”, one of my favourite words ever. Fuck yeah!

Not that I really need The Border House’s consent to like a game, warts-or-lack-thereof and all. But it helps!


Combine that with the fact that Bioshock: Infinite came out this week, and is not only awesome, but has Elizabeth as a central character, and I’m feeling pretty good about gaming at the moment. I just wish I had a computer that could run anything beyond Portal.

Homophobes’ One Weakness – English Lessons

[I’ve been absent for the last few months, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got at least 200 posts under my belt, I’d be worried that I’d achieved my second greatest fear: becoming this guy.

No apologies, though.]

Today – well, a few days ago –  I got linked to this. For those of you who haven’t clicked through, it’s an article describing the opinions of many young people* at a rally to “protect traditional marriage”. Now, the ideas are obviously atrocious; this is plain for all to see. But why  is it that none of them can spell or write? I mean, just look at this: Read the rest of this entry


What’s that? “More rape jokes”? Is that what I hear you cry out for?

This made me laugh a lot – you’re welcome!

Covers = Important. Sexism = Bad.

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I need to get back into the swing of writing posts. However, I couldn’t not tell you about this. So enjoy!

The BBC has just put up possibly the most comprehensive and insightful article I think I’ve ever seen on their site – and that’s quite an achievement. It just happens to be about Feminism, Sexism and Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels. All of my favourite things!

Essentially, the article is about those ridiculously sexualised pictures on the covers of fantasy novels. (And Sci-Fi, although to my knowledge all modern Sci-Fi novels seem to have covers like this and this; landscapes and space-ships/vehicles with very few people, sexualised or otherwise, even present. A conversation for another day…)

And it mentions all the things that I would want to mention. Primarily, it talks about Jim Hines and Hawkeye. Now, though I find it very interesting that, in a post about feminism, the first person the writer strives to talk about is what some middle aged white bloke is doing, I suppose that is our purpose as allies. Sigh.

For the uninititated, Jim Hines is a fantasy writer with a lot of free time and good ideas; and the Hawkeye Initiative is a great idea by an artist with a lot of free time. And they both seem to have come up with the same idea at least semi-independently. Which is: Parody the Living Fuck out of Sexist covers.

Sexist covers like this.

And this.

And this.

The whole point is that if neither Jim Hines nor Hawkeye can look attractive or even comfortable imitating your cover, then there’s something wrong with it.

This is, of course, the perfect blend of “making laugh at an issue” and “making you aware of an issue” – the best way to get your point across. The point being that these covers are pointless and make us nerds look like complete assholes and sexually ignorant perverts. I’ve never bought a comic on the grounds of “PWITTY COVER WIV LADIEZ”*, and even I’d be embarassed about reading a book like that on the train.

Meanwhile, Tracy Hurley talks about why she thinks this happens, and I get to find out about her “Prismatic Art Collection”, a directory of artists who draw characters who are not just skinny white girls in bikinis and muscly white men with swords.

Since I am a lanky, weedy guy, I can’t really associate with muscley folks like Conan, and if my being catered to means that there are also more people drawing… you know, the entire rest of the gamut of skin tones, body shapes and levels of attractiveness that aren’t white, skinny and inhumanly attractive, then even better!

Rant over; you should go read the article, to congratulate and support the BBC for, like usual, taking the right stand on an issue, and making people aware of… well, the stuff in the article that you should be going to read.


Here are links to Jim Hines’ blog, where he regularly posts such pictures, and the tumblr of “The Hawkeye Initiative” are on the respective words back there.

And while you’re at it, check out Escher Girls, which is a site all about how these pictures are not just sexist, but bad art. Have fun!

(Thanks also to Pippa, aka Along This Line, who is awesome, and who linked me.)

* The closest I’ve perhaps come is “Empowered”, and I’d feel very embarassed reading that on the train.

“What say you to your accusers, Mr ‘The Pope’?”

Just putting this out here, with a brief comment.

No; but what do you expect from an infallible, pedophile-protecting dinosaur from the dark ages?

[Click the image or here for more information.]

Aaaaand a hat-tip to Ophelia Benson, of whom I’ve been reading a lot recently.