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Homophobes’ One Weakness – English Lessons

[I’ve been absent for the last few months, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got at least 200 posts under my belt, I’d be worried that I’d achieved my second greatest fear: becoming this guy.

No apologies, though.]

Today – well, a few days ago –  I got linked to this. For those of you who haven’t clicked through, it’s an article describing the opinions of many young people* at a rally to “protect traditional marriage”. Now, the ideas are obviously atrocious; this is plain for all to see. But why  is it that none of them can spell or write? I mean, just look at this: Read the rest of this entry


Political bile < Urge to write

I want to write an article about this link, but I don’t have time: prepping for tomorrow and for NaNoWriMo is panicking me.

Here is the title – Romney’s lax regulation may have fueled meningitis outbreak. That says it all, really.

Trolling Women from the Inside Out

Don’t know if this is legit, but it’s hilarious anyway. I don’t really want to be giving more publicity to an idiot/parody, but this just gave me some genuine laughs. And even if the author is an idiot, that doesn’t stop them from being witty.

This is “Checkmate, Pro Choicers” [not linking; find it yourselves!], an awful tumblr run by an awful person with awful ideas. They’ve taken the traditional “ask” format, and used it as a forum for their own stupidity.

That said, some of her responses are just damn funny! And not even in the “oh god, she actually believes that!” sense, but in the sense that sometimes I was actually laughing with her.

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Meet the New Threat: Same as the Old Threat

Here I am to spread the news about another stupid bit of policy that’s coming our way. I feel like this has become a giant game of internet tennis, whereby a bunch of people try to catch us out with a new law banning the internet or making it less safe in one way or another, and we scramble to knock it back.

Well now we have CISPA. I’m not going to claim to be able to summarise it in great detail – I honestly barely understand how it would be implemented. All I know is “Homeland Security”, “my personal information” and “handed over”. So I’m instead going to recommend you arm yourselves by reading San Francisco-based blogger Violet Blue’s critique here, and what the US based EFF have to say about this bill being proposed in the US Senate.

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Herman Cain, No-one Chose You!

Quite possibly the weirdest part of any presidential campaign ever…

I… What is this I don’t even. I’m not sure if this world that we live in is awesome or terrifying, but presidential candidates quoting the Pokemon movie… Just what?

(And no, I don’t know why it’s backwards either.)

Another reason not to live in the Red States.

Or, god forbid the worst should happen and the Republicans get back in, any other part of America. Especially if you have ovaries.

I know it’s news to all of you that politicians can talk out of their asses, but Mitt Romney, one of the frontrunners for the leader of the Republican party leadership*, apparently doesn’t have even basic sex education. And you wonder why they keep trying to take it out of the curriculum over there…

He seems to think that life “begins at conception” is a reasonable stance for a political leader to take. I mean, people can still HAVE sex, so long as they use protection, i.e. a condom – who uses anything other than a condom? – and is lucky enough for it not to break.

The thing is though, this has the worrying effect of banning most other forms of contraception, namely the pill. Rachel Maddow puts it best:**

Now that you’ve got your head around the problem, and why he’s being an idiot, try to understand what this woman is saying without laughing/crying/both, plus throwing up a little in your mouth.

(Wait for it – the idiocy/speaking part starts at 0:44)

I knew you couldn’t do it.

Yeah. Just yeah.

My main problems?

“Science confirms that a person is a human being at the moment of fertilisation.”

  1. No. Science says no such thing. At best, we’re still a little hazy on what constitutes life, and at what point a foetus is alive. At worst, science will declare that that bunch of cells over there shares none of the common features with people.  Hell I’ve heard philosophical arguments for life that rule out children up to 9 years old as people. I mean, they weren’t good arguments, but they made their point.
  2. That’s a conflationof terms. “An orange is an orange the moment it grows in a tree.” Person and human mean the same thing, more so than baby and adult, which is what you’re really saying.
  3. But worst of all, by granting instant and equal rights to that foetus… Just think about it. Adults have lots of rights. Babies very few. By calling babies, foetuses, children, whatever “persons”, you are diminishing the meaning of the words “human”, “person” and “rights”. These have set meanings, and if you start claiming that anyone and everyone, regardless of age has equal rights, then you’re going to cause a lot of fucking trouble for everyone. Apparently kids can vote and need to be held responsible for their actions as adults now, because they are persons, and persons have agency.

Well, maybe that last one is a bit farfetched, but believe me, there’s more than enough mess there. What with the whole “wrestling the rights of half the population to opt out of carrying our spawn to the ground and stomping on them.”

Wait, I said “our” I don’t have to put up with this. I can just (continue to) live in another, more sensible country! Where the politicians are too feeble and too spineless rather than too powerful and too mad.

* What is the title for the leader of the party in America. No, I can’t be bothered to google it.

** When I watched this, I had to run through a load of her other videos. Yeah, she’s awesome. Yeah, I’ll add her to the neverending list of news sources/interesting people on the internet. Sigh.

Well, we’ve got an interesting few hours ahead of us…

It’s now 8 o clock, and the world still hasn’t ended, despite what Harold Camping says. But there are still 4 hours to go – there’s still everything to play for.

I predict that before I’m capable of hitting the “publish” button, Sheffield will be drowned in a wave of meteor shows hot enough to glass this whole sinful city. I mean, it’s Climax down at the student’s union later on tonight – surely “the best LGBT night in Yorkshire” is enough to draw the Lord’s ire.



… Nope?

You’re reading this?

Clearly Harold is a deluded idiot with no idea how long a legacy of Doomsday Cults have come before him and have uniquely FAILED to destroy the planet. I just hope no-one kills all their family and tries to sell me their worldly possessions in the meantime.

Either that or he’s forgot to carry the one, and will back again in 6 months with another prediction

We all know the LHC is our best bet at a secular apocalypse anyway.

Sometimes, the bad guys DO win…

I have to admit, when I started reading this, I was expecting a story which I hear about all too often.

  • There are crazy religious people.
  • They start hounding someone.
  • They start making death threats.
  • The police are relatively incapable of helping.
  • And everyone’s getting shit scared.

It’s a story that I hate, but it’s a story that I’m used to. There’re always tales of psychotics who should not be allowed guns, doing things that people should be prevented from doing. It’s horrible, but I know it happens.

But even with my own capacity to read these things and not throw up, this is just… something else.

Dave Navarro and Anthony Navarro, Jr. are brothers, although you wouldn’t know it from the death threats, public humiliation and attempts to get Dave sectioned that Anthony Jr. has perpetrated.

Their father, Anthony Sr. was a psycho who had their mother killed by a hitman when she ran away from home and from him. Before that, he brainwashed Dave and Anthony Jr. into thinking that she had never loved them when they were about 9 years old.

Anthony Sr is locked up, but Anthony Jr is still unsound of mind enough to be convinced that his father was justified in having their mother killed, and seems intent on doing the same to his own brother.

And he is using the dark underbelly of the internet to do this, as well as to level his attacks upon the woman who writes the blog I link to, one of the few people who supports him.

Dave Navarro’s crime? His mother’s crime? The crime of wanting a divorce.

Read at your own peril, and have a bucket ready.



They fight fools now, too!

OK, this is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever heard. The Foo Fighters have trolled the Westboro Baptist Church.

The most hateful, misogynist branch of the american far right were boycotting a Foo Fighters concert after the band released their new song “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)”. It’s about how awesome gayness is, apparently. So, when morons are at the gate, boycotting you, what do you do? You give them a free showing!

Like I said, one of the most awesome things I’ve ever heard. The Westboro Baptist Church are moronic monsters who’ve put all of their skill points into working out how to make money offending people, and they need more people to point-and-laugh them out of existence.

I have a few things to say about the song itself. In the style of many american songs that aim to make a statement, it tries to do so without ever actually saying anything. Without being told it was about gayness*, I would never have *got* the message. YMMV on whether that is a good thing or not.

But I officially take my trucker’s cap off to the Foo Fighters: sirs, you have won an internet!

Admittedly, the video on their youtube account is just a photo of a couple of men’s legs, wearing nothing but leather boots and standing next to a urinal. Less subtlety there, I concede.

You KNOW they’re all thick.

Fox News are a bunch of idiotic, whiny losers. But furthermore, they’re just damned funny. This is them interviewing David Silverman, president of American Atheists,  in response to Hurricane Irene, and their inability to imagine that it wasn’t sent their way by a loving, abrahamic god.*

The thing that gets me about this is not that he gives them a pasting. This much is should be obvious; they’re overpaid pandering cronies to the owner of a news company that makes its money keeping everyone just a little bit ill-informed.** Of course a well-informed critical thinker is going to be able argue them under the table.

Nor is it that they are the ones to move away from talking about the disaster, and start talking about why his ideology is wrong. Their second question, after “What do you do [in times of crisis]?”, is “Have you no life outside your own physical self?”. No. No-one does. Despite quick and simple answers, that question has nothing to do with preparations for Hurricane Irene. They even have the balls to claim that he is mocking them with the exact belief that they got him in the room to discuss; he is the president of American Atheists, yet they claim that he is mocking them by saying there is no God

No, what’s weirdest about this is that they’ve had him on before. Many many times. If you google “David Silverman Fox News” you can find plenty of examples of him on their shows, but this is my favourite: the “You KNOW It’s A Myth” billboards.

He’s been on their show a dozen times, and he’s still an atheist. This is such an odd pattern. Do they not learn from experience? Or do they think to themselves “Oh, this’ll be easy – we’ve got him this time!” when they bring him back in for another round. They invite him, attempt to ambush them with their logic, he kicks their ass, and then they reinvite him for more of the same.

It’s pathetic. And funny. Which makes it perfect material for the internet.

* Oh sorry, they don’t think it was sent by a loving, abrahamic god. Nor do they think he could stop the hurricane. Wait, have they redefined omnipotence again?

** Not ill-informed enough that they’d notice at a glance, for example.