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A Chilling Picture

Is this a joke? Wow, now I’m depressed, concerned and worried – all at once! I have to hope that Polly Toynbee is wrong when she says that:

Historians will see [Monday 1st of April] as the day that defines the Cameron government. An avalanche of benefit cuts will hit the same households over and over, with no official assessment of how far this £18bn reduction will send those who are already poor into beggary.

Shitting fucknuts!

If only I was a benefit fraud, or could find some other way of maintaining my income rather than asking our bloody useless government for money. Or anything. At all.


You learn something new everyday…

Well, when I heard Charlie Brooker accusing our dear Prime Minister of being a lizard, I was naturally skeptical. However, he has thoroughly responded to my criticisms, and those of others, in the most acceptable way.


So, David Cameron is officially a lizard. Wow… I never would have guessed. It sounds too strange to be true.

So it must be!

I wonder what he looks like underneath his skin? I don’t know; I mean, I’ve never met the man. (You can tell because he still has his face and left arm.) But I think that this seems like a suitable approximation.

Somewhere in that speech bubble is a subtext about gutting the NHS.


All of this makes perfect sense! Now I know what was going on all this time. And if anyone makes any alternative claims, I have now been informed how to ask “How do we know?” and fact check sufficiently. Thanks, potholer54!

(And also Lousy Canuck.)

The Bad Idea Bears: They have struck.

I was thinking about commenting on this yesterday, when I heard about it on the radio. But, as I was leaving the house at the time, I decided agin’ it; surely no-one’s seriously considering this, right?

No-one’s seriously considering putting off fixing the problems in the banking system while we see if those problems ruin us financially. That would be ludicrous. In fact, that would be beyond ludicrous.


Last seen in London.

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