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Fuck “Speak No Ill”

Also, this article. Courtesy of Pippa Line.


Day of Action?

Yes, today has been called as a DAY! OF! ACTION!*

If you can’t tell, I’m not out there, on the streets, picketing. But I like to think that, were my pensions being threatened, and my job as royally screwed over as public sector jobs, such as teaching, are being fucked by our useless government, a sign and a flask would be today’s major fashion accessories.

But as I said, I am not. And if you’re reading this soon after I posted it, neither are you**. But the least we can both do, warm in our various computer spaces, is remember that striking is important. And awesome.

So here is my effort, a set of songs that remind me of the political struggle to remind people that people should be afraid of their governments:

9 Songs to Take Action To!

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