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The Hang of Music: Me Indulging Myself

Ah, time for a bit of fun I think. How’s that? With some offensive electronic rap metal. Gotta love me some offensive electronic rap metal!

So I shall save Mindless Self Indulgence’s debut, “Tight”, from languishing at the back of my record collection, blow the dust off, and play you the eponymous track.

The track’s called “Tight”.

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I’m back, and now the internet can begin anew!

Ah, sweet relief! I can now repost Invader Zim pictures on the internet. Oh, how I’ve missed the internet!

Indeed, I’ve had a wonderful time away, but I’ve missed a lot of things. Technology, mobile phones, the capacity to get to places without an hour long bus journey. But I’ve realised, now, though, that there are some things I haven’t missed. And chief among that list are adverts and TV.

I’m not going to name anything, but just sitting here whilst I can hear the TV is making my blood boil. So crass, so intellectually poor. If it’s not a moron telling other morons that they’ve got the W-element*, it’s massive corporations trying to make more money.

Also, it’s all so sublimated. Watch any advert break, and if you can work out what 30% of the ads are for before they’re over, then consider yourself lucky. (That is, unless it’s on the other end of the spectrum, and is just just yelling the brand name at you over and over.) I know a couple of smart kids who are still totally inured into this whole culture, to the extent that they actually play a game where they see who can work out the brand first. I find that a little soul-crushing.

The other problem is that, since pretty much no-one on reality TV – see “most TV” – has either been trained to be on TV or has any aspirations other than getting famous, the result is that none of them have a vocabulary more detailed than what you might need to go down the pub. You get people up on stage who are clinically incapable of using the right verb or tense, because they don’t care. And then everyone else “realises” that it’s ok to get on TV and be a moron, “cos then your tellin it like it is.”

This is why I don’t watch TV. The world is full of “celebrity” idiots with poor grammar teaching people to talk like them, good songs being abused to shill a product, and advertising companies convinced that selling insurance is an art form.

I’m just glad the internet is nothing like that.

P.S. I know this all sounds really elitist, but is it too much to ask that there be fewer programs that are just formulated along the lines of “let’s get some ‘ordinary’ people in front of a camera and see what happens”. Surely that’s not too much to ask.

* Still not naming anything.

The Hang of Music: 12 Oz Review

I’m not going to open this review with any bad puns. None at all. Besides, I’m clutching at straws to think what kinds of horrible joke I might make.

Anyway, after a monumental album such as The Wall, I have to follow up with a band that everyone knows and loves, right? That’s the only plan that makes sense, right? Nope, I’m gonna go with “Transnational Speedway League”, the oddly titled debut album of a band called Clutch, that a good friend of mine (you know who you are!) recommended to me. Screw you, good sense!

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