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“What is this place / filled with magic and wonder?”

Happy (late) Birthday, Claire Anne Carr!

Guys, guys, guys! Anyone here like “My Little Pony”?* I want to address this to the attentions of any and all bronies, fans of MLP, and/or fans of classic rock covers. Claire Ann Carr has a fantastic deal on at the moment, and as little as I like proselytizing for people to buy shit, if you like the things I mentioned above you’ll enjoy this.

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I can only love and tolerate so much…

[Trigger warning for a lot of stuff. Not here, but on some of the links. Mostly slurs and some rape jokes.]

Whilst browsing the blogs, I came across this post by Feminist Fiction, and it raised some similarities with recent developments in the skeptical community which I felt like sharing. But first, some background.

I am a brony. You all should know that. In fact, I am pleased to say that I am one of the guys mentioned in FF’s post as buying and proudly wearing my Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash* badges. Because Twilight, Dash and the Mane Six all kick ass, and the brony/pegasister fandom is an awesome one – in my experience, it’s always been full of creativity, love, and care.

“Love”? On the internet hate-machine? What a novel idea!

So I was horrified to find out about the sort of abuse that went on at Everfree convention a while back. You really would think that this fandom should be free of misogyny. Transphobic slurs, molestation jokes and country matters prove otherwise.

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Friendly linking? Or NEPOTISM!!

In honour of today’s xkcd, I present to you the finest in collections of funny images about A Song of Ice and Fire*, My Little Pony, Bioware and the internet.

By that, I mean it’s my very special friend‘s** new and awesome Tumblr account about such things as I just mentioned.

“An example!”, I hear you ask!

All those poor, helpless Sean Beans...

Look, I know Tumblr is just all about stealing other people’s images and saying stuff about them. But hey, that’s most of what I do, anyway, so I can’t complain. GO LOOK AT IT!

* Over the weekend I just powered through The Game of Thrones TV series up to date. Yup. All in one weekend. ‘Cause I’m just awesome like that. </smug>

** Phoebe, for those in the know

I’m telling all my friends now.

I know that this is only a brief filler picture, but Coelasquid of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things has just fulfilled all of my dreams at once. Today’s comic could be a picture of Robert Pattinson and the words “Praise Him” and I would still forgive her after this.

Seriously, though; read her comic if you don’t already. It’s full of more awesome than even this cake.

Well, as much awesome as this cake. This much awesome is difficult to manage.

Skepticon just became 20% Cooler

Man, I seem to have trouble with posts that don’t include ponies. Ah well, these ponies are SKEPTICAL!

Skepticon is one of those events that I want to go to before I die, along with TAM!, E3, the Nobel Prize ceremony* and a Strokes concert. I can’t say it’s been a lifelong desire – I only just decided to add it up there because I saw the line-up I just missed this past weekend. Aww sheet!

And now the speakers have been ponified! Twice! AWESOME!

There’re some awesome people up there (Rebecca Watson and Debbie Goddard for starters), but as Johnny Kaje has managed to put up all three of my most read, most favouritest bloggers, I thought I’d put them up here in particular. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s have a warm fuzzy post now!

To get my last post out of my system, I wanted to post some nice things. It’s my blog, and I’ll smile if I want to!

So, without further ado, here is:

A Great Cause:

Man, those people at  Child’s Play/Loading Ready Run/The Escapist/whoever else as well just don’t STOP, do they? More lovely charity stuff? This time an auction for geeky things, and forcing professional games reviewers to play the worst game in existence?* Even better! Read the rest of this entry

It can be done!

You can abridge My Little Pony! I’d had my doubts, but I have PROOF that it can be done well. Episode one, “The Perfect Swarm”, is here, courtesy of Sherclop Pones.

The tropes page describes it as a hurricane of puns, and that this is “faithfulness to the source material dialed up to eleven.” The home brewed music is awesome as well, enough for me to download the soundtrack.



The Hang of Music: Officially a Fish

Welcome, everypony. I’ve been wondering for a while if it would be better to get back to my roots (absolute lies, but bear with me), and review some more Canadian music. Because why not.

[Trigger warning for ponies]

So, today I am going to tell you about Hey Ocean!, and their second album, “It’s Easier to Be Someone Else.”

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Case in point.

Yay, I’m already getting spam from idiots!

After writing a brief message clarifying my position on lifts, I expected that people would read it, understand, and move on. So I was surprised when I checked my comments and found this hiding in the spam. This is the reason why I have a comment filter on.

I am bringing this to your attention because to call this commenter retarded would be an insult to the mentally handicapped. This is beyond stupid, it’s infantile, and infants get berated when they do wrong. And this is so very wrong.

So when you read this, bear in mind that I am not publicising this site. Fuck that shit! The links, as they stand, have been changed to fit where I think they should go. If you want to check out the inanity of this post, then you will have to paste them into your address bar manually. Consider it a tax on stupidity; or, more accurately, a mere fraction of the effort it would take to drag the intellect of a normal person down to this sort of hateful misogynistic crap. So, if you want to look, beware: HERE BE DRAGONS.

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