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Case in point.

Yay, I’m already getting spam from idiots!

After writing a brief message clarifying my position on lifts, I expected that people would read it, understand, and move on. So I was surprised when I checked my comments and found this hiding in the spam. This is the reason why I have a comment filter on.

I am bringing this to your attention because to call this commenter retarded would be an insult to the mentally handicapped. This is beyond stupid, it’s infantile, and infants get berated when they do wrong. And this is so very wrong.

So when you read this, bear in mind that I am not publicising this site. Fuck that shit! The links, as they stand, have been changed to fit where I think they should go. If you want to check out the inanity of this post, then you will have to paste them into your address bar manually. Consider it a tax on stupidity; or, more accurately, a mere fraction of the effort it would take to drag the intellect of a normal person down to this sort of hateful misogynistic crap. So, if you want to look, beware: HERE BE DRAGONS.

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