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The Hang of Music: Mystic Knights

Intro goes here. Gonna hurry this out, as I intended to get this fixed and done sooner.

So today is when we learn about (The Mystic Knights of the) Oingo Boingo – don’t be put off by the silly name! – and their first album, “Only A Lad”.

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Comments, comments, everywhere, but not a jot to read.

Here’s my day so far. Wake up; have a cup of tea and some breakfast; decide what to do with more asshats commenting on that one post that SO incensed some misogynist cockbags.

I think my response worked well enough. I mean, the average level of inanity and pointless stupidity on this blog/the internet hasn’t increased.

This one scored a high level 4 though.

Fuck you, Murdoch, just fuck you


I have no words for this. No eloquent rage, no humour, just what.