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Very Long; Did Read; Did NOT Despair At Humanity

Quick post – read this as an intro, then dive into this.

The first is an explanation of the crap that Thunderf00t’s been up to by Jen at Blag Hag. The second is just one facet of the consequences of his actions, and a conversation about what his actions say about the atheist movement.

My response to the former:

My response to the latter:

Well, a cross between that and frustration.

Yeah – I have officially lost all respect for Thunderf00t at this point – he sounds like a cackling vaudeville villain by this point.

But it’s OK, because all that respect can now be put in Natalie Reed, who is, as of now, being added to the “blogs I read folder”. If a little over-long, her article on what his actions and the movement mean to her is inspiring.