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Trolling Women from the Inside Out

Don’t know if this is legit, but it’s hilarious anyway. I don’t really want to be giving more publicity to an idiot/parody, but this just gave me some genuine laughs. And even if the author is an idiot, that doesn’t stop them from being witty.

This is “Checkmate, Pro Choicers” [not linking; find it yourselves!], an awful tumblr run by an awful person with awful ideas. They’ve taken the traditional “ask” format, and used it as a forum for their own stupidity.

That said, some of her responses are just damn funny! And not even in the “oh god, she actually believes that!” sense, but in the sense that sometimes I was actually laughing with her.

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Animal Wrongs Group

PETA seem to be taking the above trope as their manifesto. This is a shame, as I broadly agree with the idea that humans give animals a bit of a raw deal*, and could agree with them if they weren’t such twats about it. Their stunts always waver between the comically attention grabbing and the morbid. This is the latter.**

They have decided that the best way to raise awareness of the plight of animals*** is for them to make a porn site, and intersperse the porn with pictures of animals being abused.

What you said, cat.

This is horrendous; it’s not going to be even remotely sexy! And the people who aren’t going to be turned off probably don’t care about animal rights anyway…

Seriously, though, why do all of their ideas seem to involve demeaning women? I’m not even affected, not being american or a woman****, and I still know of about half a dozen of their exploits, and they almost always involve naked women in some fashion. I don’t get why they seem to be incapable of an advertising campaign that doesn’t capitalise on the shock value of naked women. One is forced to conclude that they have decided that animal rights should be prioritised over the rights of women.

So yeah, me and PETA agree over one thing: humans and animals do not have equal rights. It’s just that PETA seem to think that animals have more.

Go to PZ for his take.

PETA's mission statement.

EDIT – Apparently, I forgot to put up a link to a more reputable site than myself. Yeah, here is the proof that PETA porn is real.

* Except for the pigs that live just outside of Southwold, that are fed the leftovers from the Adnams Brewery, with as much mud as they could wish to roll in, little houses and no predators to worry about. Lucky gits!

** Well, except in the literal sense, adult movies being, in the words of Jarvis Cocker, “[just] people making babies/filmed up close”. It can’t be morbid, if people are making life, right?

*** Well it worked, I’m blogging about it, and there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

**** Unlike what some people may think or have said in the past.