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The Hang of Music: Sequelitis

Greetings from the future! The date is Thursday 7th of June, 2012. Do not adjust your sets!

Though you may be confused by the order of release, this is actually “The Hang of Music” review number 48. Number 47 was last week, where I bravely got a bunch of fellow time-travellers to help me review [EXPUNGED] in an Audiovised fashion. However, due to exams around last week, I also decided to mess with the time vortex.

So this week’s review of Clutch’s eponymous second album is being released out of chronological order. Which has a bizarre sort of poetry to it, as this is my first sequel review; to a review I wrote nearly a year ago. I feel old now…

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(Stocking) Filler Post

OK, I’ve been shockingly bad for updates recently. I know it. I’ve been meaning to get around to a ton of stuff on here, but haven’t quite for ages. For example, for ages I’ve had some EPs I’ve wanted to review (briefly), and even they were going to be in apology for being so bad.

But I’m gonna try to make up with it, by stealing an idea off of Little Red Reviewer, whose blog I have been enjoying, and providing you, pro bono, with a bunch of information you neither need nor want, but may enjoy.

The other day I went out to the library to return some way overdue books and look for others. Not overdue, obviously – not yet. And as any fool know, the library is a great place to borrow CDs for 50p each. Bargain! And here, for those of you who are interested, is what I found, and why… Read the rest of this entry

The Hang of Music: Yesterday’s Back (With A Vengeance)

Here are some words to clue you in on this week’s review. Ahem *coughs politely*.


*coughs again*

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The Hang Of Music: The Closest Thing I Have To A Voice Of Reason…

“Getting back on track and trying to stay on time is hard. However, I have a solution: actually write this review before Thursday evening.”

I wrote that on Wednesday.

Honestly, I’ve been splitting my time this week between listening to this album, drinking, being bored to tears by religious bullshit, and then listening to Scroobius Pip’s new LP. And apparently he hates people like me, who review things on the internet, so I can’t tell you that it’s a great album and a lot of fun (if very dark). Bummer.

All hope is not lost, though because instead of reviewing an interesting young rapper from the UK, I am reviewing the newest, and last, work of the wonderful, erudite and intense US rapper-poet, Gil Scott-Heron. Here he collaborates with Jamie XX, of The xx, on the 2010 album “I’m New Here”. Let’s get into it.


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The Hang of Music: Smog

Did anyone else know that alcohol can induce time travel? Apparently alcohol can induce time travel! Even against the erstwhile traveller’s WILL! Empty night! Now it looks to you like I’ve wasted the week, celebrating my birthday and seeing friends, when in truth I’ve merely been the victim of a whiskey-based wormhole…

Anyway, here’s the best known Lindisfarne album, “Fog on the Tyne”, with the opening track “Meet Me On The Corner”. Don’t judge me!

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